Monday, 13 July 2009

Why Care About "God"?


Anonymous said...

Everybody cares about The Divine, because there is only The Divine.

God-ideas are now THE hot topic in the culture wars.

Wright is not talking or writing about The Divine (or Real God) but about the development of the various god-ideas in the now archaic Semitic traditions.

Nor is anyone else for that matter.

But what about all the rest of the non-Semitic Traditions?

By contrast this reference provides a template for a serious investigation of all the usual god-ideas and the religions that extend from them.

Plus this reference gives a more sophisticated introduction to the best of the best ancient Reality Teachings.


Dear Anonymous,
I would be keen to hear how you think one goes about investigating "god-ideas". What is the body of evidence one must appeal to as one seeks to ascertain which god-ideas are veridical and which ones are not?