Thursday, 19 July 2007

Back in Scotland

I’m finally back in Scotland, after my all too brief Caribbean adventure, and will be submitting my M.Phil dissertation in less than a month. Very exciting times. This is also a sad time since I will soon be saying goodbye to St Andrews. I begin my PhD at Columbia University in September, which I am eagerly looking forward to. And while we’re on the topic of grad school, there is a great discussion over at Philosophy, et cetera on Getting the Most out of Grad School. The post is actually from last month, but it is definitely worth reading (especially for those who will be beginning their graduate studies this Fall).


Anonymous said...

Considering all the graduate work you've done...what do u have to do other than write ur dissertation?


Actually, at Columbia I will be taking a lot more classes. Hopefully, in the end, this will make me a much better philosopher (or at least that's the plan).