Friday, 23 February 2007

What (Else) is Going On...

First, I should call everyone's attention to the most recent issue of the Philosopher's Carnival, here, which is being hosted by Trent Dougherty. I'm really liking the tone and quality of posts in the most recent Carnivals, especially the previous issue, here. Let's hope these high quality Carnivals continue.

Update: In the comments of the Carnival there is a short exchange between Trent and Clayton Littlejohn about my post, in which Clayton comes to my defence. Surprise, surprise...I happen to agree with Clayton on this one (even if I am somewhat of an 'innie').

Second, all you McDowell fans can find an interesting paper, here, by Adam who brings the theoretical apparatus of Virtue Epistemology to bear on McDowell's theory of knowledge.

Third, I owe a word of gratitude to Brian Leiter for mentioning my blog on his Leiter Reports. During the week my blog was featured I had over 900 new visitors! Hopefully this increase in blog traffic will eventually translate into more feedback. Please? Oh, and my humblest apologies to Jerry Fodor for whatever part I played in inspiring Brian's snide remark.

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Ignacio Prado said...

I believe Fodor has a review of Mind and World that begins with a paragraph of complimentary remarks and then continues with a Fodoresque "and I don't believe a word of it." I don't think the comment was directed at anything you say here.